Stage-2-registration for teams
who require accommodation

Download registration procedure here

Enter institution address

Billing information

€ 220 each
€ 220 each, n+1 €190 each, n+2 €170 each, n= # of teams
€ 350 each
€90 per person
One extra night per person costs €30 at the hostel
If you have four debaters and one judge who spend an extra night either before or after the event (outside nights of 9th-14th NOV), please enter the number of ppl x nights, in this case 5 x €30 should be added to the sum total PER PERSON PER NIGHT, here: €150.
Due by 16th OCT
50% down payment

Speaker information

DATE OF BIRTH (D.o.b.) only relevant for visa invitation letter countries. Please use format. Thank you!

Follow this checklist to determine whether your speaker is Native, EFL or ESL.



50% of participation fee (see above, non-refundable) are/were due by 15th SEP 2017. You will receive bank details upon submission. Please keep this deadline, as we'd be forced to re-assign your slot(s) to wait list teams. Thank you :)

Anything you'd like to let us know or clarify.
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