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WSDC 2018 Croatia & Slovenia
team selection registration page


Thank you for considering participation in the next WSDC worlds team!  We invite any debater who feels confident enough to sign up. Please have a one-page motivation letter and a debating CV handy for upload.

The only prerequisites needed are a) having attended a school that is located in Germany during the six months prior to the tournament (this includes International Schools), b) not turning 20 by the date of the Grand Final (mid-JUL 2018) and c) not being enrolled in university/tertiary education.

If you feel you may not be chosen for the national squad, you may still want to participate to gather experience for the following year (WSDC 2019) or your debating skills in general (you'll also be debating! ;) ). Furthermore, we will consider having a development squad to support young and talented debaters, where you will receive additional coaching and will attend tournaments.

Finding the team will take several months until ca. JAN/FEB 2018. The number of candidates will be reduced over time until the five debaters are chosen. In the course of the selection process, you will attend tournaments and further meetings.

Primarily, you should therefore be aware that becoming a member of the 'Worlds' team entails significant amount of time and the demand of prioritising meetings over other spare time activities. This particularly includes the weekends and school breaks. Our team coach will do everything he or she can to ensure longh-term planning, so dates can be blocked. 

Please follow the instructions below and fill in all the form fields. Until we receive your data please visit our 
Facebook page or's event calendar for changes and updates.

Good luck to everyone!

Registration for the WSDC 2017 team selection will close on FRI, 15th SEPTEMBER 2017, 23.59.

First meeting will take place on SAT, 23rd and SUN, 24th SEPTEMBER 2017 in Stuttgart.

If you have any inquiries, write to Coaches Konstantin Krüger and Marcus Nonn.

The development squad will be coached by head coach Ann-Sophie Zeipekkis. She will be supported by her wing coaches Venya Blankenagel and Joke Steinwart.

You can either arrange for your own accommodation or we'll find a private host for you. If we can't find anyone, we would book you a hostel room for €27,40 for one night, and €51,40 for two (JuHe Neckarpark), but this will be the last resort in the unlikely event of finding no host to take you in.

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