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GSDC 2017 23-25 JUNE  

World Schools Debating Championship 2016

EurOpen 2017, 9-15 NOV  


Upcoming events  

Sat Jun 24, 2017
GSDC 2017 Stuttgart
Sat Jun 24, 2017 @08:00 - 12:00AM
WSDA - WSD Academy, Slovenia
Thu Jul 13, 2017
Heart of Europe SDC, Czech Republic
Tue Aug 01, 2017
WSDC 2017, Indonesia


DSG_eV GSDC, the ultimate summer tournament, has started with 27 teams attending! Good luck everyone!!
DSG_eV Inependent judges signup for GSDC 2017 (23-25 JUN) is there just for you!
DSG_eV EurOpen 2017 invitation letter, registration, payments, everything everything. See you in November!!
DSG_eV GSDC 2017 prepared motions: SL: TH would introduce a maximum wage an individual can earn JL: THBT all students...
DSG_eV Congratulations to this year's Senior League champion United World College Freiburg! These won the grand final...
DSG_eV Semi Finals of Senior League 2016/2018 on the motion THBT multinational companies should be liable for human...
DSG_eV WSDC 2018 (Zagreb/Ljubljana) coaches' application closes on 30th APR. Happy Easter, everyone!
DSG_eV Hello! Check out this article about WSDC 2017 speaker Marcus Nonn (in German)! Congrats!
DSG_eV JL rounds 5/6 at MBG Backnang on the motions THW ban All-you-can-eat establishments and THBT parents should be...
DSG_eV Watch our report on the latest DSG activities and announcements, including past participations, JL, SL, GSDC,...
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