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EurOpen 2014, 6-12 NOV  


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Fri Sep 26, 2014 @19:00 - 09:00PM
AGM - Annual General Meeting
Sat Sep 27, 2014
WSDC 2015 1st Selection Meeting
Sat Oct 11, 2014
Season opening training sessions
Thu Nov 06, 2014
EurOpen 2014, Stuttgart
Sat Nov 29, 2014
Senior League Rds 1/2
Fri Dec 19, 2014
Zagreb Open SDC, Croatia
Sat Dec 27, 2014
MODT OPEN, Marrakech Morocco


DSG_eV If you can receive it, watch it!
DSG_eV If you can receive it, watch it
DSG_eV WSDC 2015 in Singapore: deadline for speaker applications is this coming Friday. We will announce the coach(es)...
DSG_eV Yay! I have internet back. Ok, Germany ranks 13th out of 26 teams. Solid center! Well done! Semifinals just...
DSG_eV Rd 8 impromptu motion @ ARGO: THW legalize the sale of human organs. Last two rounds are closed. Two wins for...
DSG_eV 2 wins, 3 losses so far for Germany. Let's see what tomorrow brings!! Good night from Romania :)
DSG_eV ARGO Rd 4 motion: THBT the ice bucket challenge and other such activities do more harm than good. Let's have some fun at 4:05pm local ;)
DSG_eV Being the only team from Germany, Germany Gold has been renamed to just Germany. Sadly, both rounds 2 and 3 were...
DSG_eV Germany Gold won Rd 1 yesterday at ARGO Open, Ploiesti, Romania. Motion Rd 2: THW ban music that glorifies...
DSG_eV EurOpen 2014 Stage-2 registration forms now available for all parties (teams with/without accommodation,...
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