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GSDC 2017 23-25 JUNE  

World Schools Debating Championship 2016

Upcoming events  

Sun Feb 19, 2017
SL Würzburg Weekend Rds 5-8
Fri Mar 03, 2017
Nordic SDC, Denmark
Wed Mar 08, 2017
Ljutomer SDC, Slovenia
Fri Mar 17, 2017 @08:00 - 12:00AM
Alfred Tuna Snider Intl SDC, USA
Sat Mar 18, 2017
Middle Schools Tournament, Slovenia
Thu Mar 30, 2017
Bratislava SDC, Slovakia
Wed Apr 05, 2017
JL Rounds 5 & 6


DSG_eV Lost and especially found.
DSG_eV Round 8 of Senior League 2016/2017 is over, most teams have departed, and we thank everyone for attending and...
DSG_eV Open Parliamentary show debate conducted by university speakers in German. Thanks for your attendance!
DSG_eV Würzburg Rd7: THW make it legal for doctors to assist suicide
DSG_eV I kept hearing music coming from the printer. I think it was jamming. #Printethumour
DSG_eV Round 6 in Würzburg: THW abolish patents on medicine
DSG_eV Well, then... See you all in Würzburg! All 34 teams of you ;) Full house!
DSG_eV GSDC 2017 pre-registration closes 25th FEB
DSG_eV ARGO Open 2017 - Teams Registration
DSG_eV Watch the latest items in DSG matters: New Co-Chairperson, ECO Tallinn, SL Würzburg, MST Slovenia, GSDC 2017...
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