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DSG_eV In four weeks the Prague Debate Spring will happen. Additionally, to the German national team and two other...
DSG_eV Check out the GSDC 2015 Facebook page! Meet the amazing OrgComm from Stadtteilschule Bergedorf and stay updated...
DSG_eV Junior League Round 5 motion: 'THW ban animal acts in circusses'
DSG_eV Lost and found items from this year's Senior League Würzburg weekend:
DSG_eV I posted 25 photos on Facebook in the album "Würzburg Weekend 2015"
DSG_eV Greetings from SL Würzburg! Impromptu motions of today: THW make vaccination compulsory, THW lower the voting age...
DSG_eV Würzburg weekend draw now online
DSG_eV Good morning, world (CET)! We'd like to congratulate these five fine debaters for having been accepted to the...
DSG_eV SL weekend Würzburg 27 FEB - 1st MAR prepared motions are: Round 5: THW introduce Islamic religious instruction...
DSG_eV Prepared rounds for SL weekend in Würzburg 27 FEB - 1st MAR: Round 5: THW introduce Islamic religious...
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